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*Beta Test Site*  

Dr. Andrea Roberts (The Texas Freedom Colonies Project Founder) and her research team, are excited to announce the launch of a new crowd-sourcing project: The Texas Freedom Colonies Atlas along with a survey of settlement locations, preservation activities, and culture. 

Since 2014, The Texas Freedom Colonies Project has documented Black settlement heritage and grassroots preservation practice among descendants of these historic communities. Freedom Colonies are everywhere, hidden behind the pine curtain of the rural countryside and beneath the concrete landscapes of Houston, Austin, and Dallas. A large number of freedom colonies were never mapped or became "ghost" settlements and the diaspora of descendants spans the globe. 

Though there are some 557 known place names, they have yet to be fully verified and their locations formally mapped. The team has located and verified the existence of 357 settlements. The research team is in the process of reviewing and uploading data on existing and “ghost” settlements throughout the state. However, we need your help to make the map complete!

Help us test the new survey and online mapping application! Survey participants can add their freedom colony’s history and stories, memories of visits, images, and unknown freedom colony names and locations.  

The TXFC Project research team invites you to

  • Click on the image below
  • Once you have clicked on the image, scroll through the images to learn about freedom colonies, how to access the map, search, or add location information. 
  • Click the inks and buttons leading you to the survey and map.
  • If you are a descendant of a freedom colony (or know one), complete the short and extended form surveys so we may include your community's traditions, challenges, and triumphs!
  • Provide feedback to the project team on the format and content of the map and survey. Email comments to: freedomcoloniesproject@gmail.com. 

Before entering the portal below, please read the following!
The TXFC Project is excited about your participation in the testing phase of our statewide study of freedom colonies.  To support your participation, the team will assist with navigating the survey and map. However,  the team will not fulfill requests for data or portions of the database for download, distribution, or peer-reviewed research.  This is a living research project. The map is a work-in-progress, and as such, should not be distributed without permission from the Project Director, Dr. Andrea Roberts.

Enter the portal to the map and survey 
by clicking on the image below:

The Texas Freedom Colonies project Atlas & study

Project Founder and Research Director
Andrea R. Roberts, PhD
Email: aroberts318@tamu.edu

For technical issues, please contact: freedomcoloniesproject@gmail.com