Mass incarceration, values, faith, activism, heritage, Juneteenth celebrations, and ways to organize your community during COVID…all part of our amazing, talk. We posted highlights, but here is the whole event.
The Texas Freedom Colonies Project would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who tried to tune in with us this morning during our monthly Coffee Talk as we experienced numerous technical difficulties.
We are pleased to have here the FULL interview conducted by Schuyler Carter and Dr. Andrea Roberts with Sam Collins of Hitchcock, TX and Yolanda Bozant of Houston TX. The discussion was full of history, heritage and laughter. There were so many gems that we can all take to heart. Our guests talked with us about the origins of Juneteenth, the “Home of Juneteenth”, Galveston, Texas, and the East Texas community of Geneva Texas. We also discussed some parallels between the current issues plaguing our community, COVID-19 & the persistent struggle for justice & freedom in the face of anti-Blackness.