The Texas African American Cemetery Registry is a voluntary database of Black burial grounds in Texas. Our aim is to create a resource for stewards that guides us in providing assistance that will help you determine the best way to preserve your cemetery. The Cemetery Registry allows cemetery stewards, visitors, and stakeholders to upload important information about the condition of the cemetery. Users can upload photos and documents, provide insight on maintenance, and much more!

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The Cemetery Registry was funded and supported by the National Trust for Historic Preservation African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.


Cemetery Preservation Resources:

Texas Historical Commission Cemetery Preservation Program

The Texas Historical Commission’s Cemetery Preservation Program provides numerous resources on cemetery preservation, including fundraising ideas and strategies, cleaning historic gravestones, and the best ways to provide fencing and lighting for a historic cemetery. The Commission staff is available for questions and collaboration on nonlegal topics related to cemetery preservation.

Staff Contact:
Jennifer McWilliams, Cemetery Preservation Program Coordinator

Texas Historical Commission “How to Protect Historic Cemeteries”

This sixteen-page document by the Texas Historical Commission outlines best practices for maintaining cemeteries, including legal information as well as matters such as surveying the land and securing the cemetery.

Chicora Foundation

Features information on how to preserve cemeteries such as tips on cleaning gravestones, lawn maintenance, and addressing safety concerns.

Saving Graves

Provides useful tips on the preservation of cemeteries including cleaning guidelines and gravestone repair.