Texas A&M University 

The Texas Freedom Colonies Project (also known as The Freedom Colonies Program) led by Andrea Roberts is affiliated with Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture-Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban PlanningCenter for Heritage Conservation, and Institute for Sustainable Communities.

Freedom Colonies Program Mission

Founded by Andrea Roberts, Ph.D., in 2014, the Program’s current mission is to

  • Build a growing interactive digital humanities site with a database and map of 557+ Texas Freedom Colonies.
  • Document descendants’ origin stories and contemporary preservation of settlements, churches, schools, and cultural landscapes.
  • Detect strategies descendants use to prevent land loss and build intergenerational wealth.
  • Document traditions used to transfer cultural and social memory to youth.
  • Conduct interviews and record commemorative events and traditions sustaining descendants’ connections to communities.
  • Publish scholarship, white papers, and reports to shape statewide planning, recovery, and preservation policy
  • Co-plan and engage in participatory action research with communities to help them reach their preservation and revitalization goals.